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bringing hope home



Casa Hogar was the vision of Victor Rodas, in 1987 Victor had a vision to open a place where children and teenagers could have refuge from the streets, drugs and alcohol. The original Casa Hogar was located in the Colonia Fesitranh in San Pedro Sula Honduras. Victor is the father of six children, Fatima, Estrella, Sarai, Maria Elena, Dulce, and his namesake Victor. His children always wanted to continue their father's legacy and now its a reality. Casa Hogar International currently operates a children's feeding center in Barrio Suyapa, La Entrada De Copan Honduras, and is working to open center number two in Colonia Nueva Esperanza, La Entrada De Copan. 


Casa Hogar International is an established non-profit, now officially a 501c3, that operates and funds feeding centers for children in La Entrada De Copan, Honduras. 

Feeding center #1 in Barrio Suyapa currently feeds 150 children a day, with several orphans being served. 

Feeding center #2 in Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) is currently under construction and has 208 children pre-registered that will be served when the center is opened.

Feeding center #3 is in Colonia Manuel Pinto. Land has been acquired but construction has not been able to start due to funding. There are approximately 100 children who will be served in this center.

Inflation is at an all-time high, making it harder to pay the bills required to continue feeding these children. Please pray on how you can help us make budget every month.

Ask us how you can help fund the vision and ensure we would be able to build the compound for missionaries, orphanage/elderly center, and begin growing crops and livestock. 

For more info of what Casa Hogar is accomplishing and the full vision visit the vision outline page.

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